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August 16th, 2016

Eating Out With Food Allergies at Shuttleworth Edwardian Air Pageant


We were lucky enough to be invited to the Shuttleworth Edwardian Air Pageant which took place at Old Warden, a small grass aerodrome, near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. This was a fantastic day out as we were able to view an array of working vintage aircraft dating between 1909 to 1950 not only on the ground, but some of them took to the air as well! In addition, there was a stunning parade of vintage cars and we had a ride in a 1921 Charabus – a vintage bus in case you were wondering. An added bonus was the sunny weather.


We played it safe and took a packed lunch to make sure there was something we could eat. The issues surrounding gluten free bread have been well discussed on other blogs – how the bread disintegrates the further down the pack you go until you have to discard it. Gluten free bread doesn’t make particularly good sandwiches either because the bread tends to fall apart. Well, my discovery is gluten free Warburton’s sandwich thins  which don’t fall apart as you make your sandwich and taste delicious as well! Ray doesn’t have the bread problem, but being dairy-free he can’t have butter or margarine so we use Hellmann’s mayonnaise instead, which sticks the sandwich together. I made ham and cheese sandwiches – yes incredibly Ray can eat some goats cheese – and likes St Helen’s Farm  hard goats cheese because of the taste. I also included two slices of dairy free and gluten free Viennese carrot cake which I had made from Nigella Lawson’s recipe, as well as two nakd ginger bars (dairy free and gluten free)

We also went armed with 100ml bottles of Alpro soya milk in case there wasn’t any at the air field’s restaurant.

We visited the restaurant for a cup of tea, but there was no soya milk and only one gluten free cake – the almond cake with Daim from Almondy  so of course I enjoyed a slice. There was nothing dairy free so Ray ate his Nakd bar.

Inside one of the hangars we found Allsorts of Liquorice selling gluten free liquorice (


Highlights of the day included the vintage car parade featuring a Silver Ghost Rolls Royce, 1900 Marot Gardan and 1901 Arroll Johnston, but for us the best part was the air display.


It was very rewarding to see the aircraft we had looked at in the hangars actually flying in the air! These included the Sopwith Snipe (1918) and the Albatros DVa, a German fighter aeroplane built during the Great War (1914-1918).

You can also visit Shuttleworth House, as well as the Swiss Gardens, but our attention was totally on the vintage aircraft that day. Perhaps we’ll do it on our next visit.

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